Computer Ethics Definition

A new field has recently sparked a great deal of attention from philosophers all over the world. With the explosion of the Internet into the most widely used information medium today, the need to study the correct computer ethics has become imperative to our future as computer users. As the technology underlying computers continues to change, so to must our way of going about ethically using computers to further our society. There are many different areas where the study of computer ethics could be considered applicable.

The use of computers in large corporations is just o­ne sector of computer ethics that needs to be fully understood. As computers are essential to the way big business makes their yearly profit, they can also serve to be enticing devices for employees to use as their own personal hubs for entertaining themselves. Many people have lost their jobs due to their complete lack of ethical behavior in the realm of using their computer at work for strictly business purposes. In large corporations, it becomes more difficult to monitor individual usage, and it is wasting upper-level management's time to have to deal with a computer ethics issue.

There is also the matter of using computers for criminal reasons. Due to the very nature of the information that is transferred through computers, they lend themselves to being targets for unsavory characters to attempt to exploit. From implantable viruses to the most advanced hacking software, criminal behavior in relation to the use of computers is a burgeoning problem that has been, and will continue to be, stringently addressed.

While the study of computer ethics is not necessarily an exact science, it continues to develop and progress as more information becomes available about the technological power that computers can harness. As the world continues to rely more and more o­n the transmission of data between computer systems, computer ethics will undoubtedly become more of a focus for many of the world's most schooled philosophers.